Dear Valued Business Partner,

There is no mistaking the enormous challenges of these times. Collectively and individually, these unprecedented circumstances have pushed us all to adapt. As a company, Merit has made monumental changes to maintain critical business functions, protect our workforce, and meet our customer’s demand on schedule with the highest quality products. The precautions and protocols established in Merit’s COVID-19 Response Plan have proven to be successful in preserving our ability to provide our OEM business partners with the products and services needed during these challenging times.

As some areas of the US and other countries slowly ease COVID-19 restrictions, we would like to assure our OEM business partners that Merit remains fully committed to keeping all precautions, controls, and protocols in place. Merit’s comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan has been implemented globally, allowing Merit to provide the products, solutions, and services that our OEM business partners require during this time. To continue ensuring the uninterrupted supply of our products and services, Merit plans to uphold all COVID-19 policies and precautions until all COVID-19 related risks have been eliminated.

We are all facing additional challenges and a new level of uncertainty. But know this for certain, Merit will continue to rise with the occasion to meet the needs of our OEM business partners during these unprecedented times. Merit’s commitment to providing a safe and secure future for our OEM business partners has never been stronger.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Be safe!

Best regards,

Michael Blackham

Executive Vice President, Global OEM