Coating and Manufacturing Services for the Medical Device Industry

Merit Medical OEM can be your coated medical wire or tube supplier or manufacture and supply further processed medical tube and wire components including hypotubes and guide wires.

Continuous Precoating Capabilities

At our coating headquarters we apply PTFE and hydrophilic coatings to medical device tubes and wires in thin layers to meet your outer diameter requirements. Our world-renowned spool-to-spool precoating process ensures tubes and wires are consistently smooth throughout their length. Merit Medical OEM can supply coated wires and tubes on spools or provide further processing for your medical wires and tubes. Read more about our Coating Process.

Advanced Tube and Wire Processing Services

Using the latest technologies and processes, we laser-cut, clean, straighten, weld, flatten, roughen, grind and coil, among many other customized services. We will work to meet your unique performance needs with customized manufacturing of hypotubes, guide wire components, mandrels/stylets and coated needles. Learn more about our wire and tube components and processing services.

A Trusted Medical Coating Partner

Merit Medical’s spool-to-spool precoating process for medical tubes and wires was developed in 1990 and has been tested and refined for more than two decades. The trusted coating technology was acquired by Merit Medical from the Netherlands-based company MCTec in 2006 and became known as the Merit Medical Coatings division.

As of January 2014 the advanced technologies and processes formerly offered through the Merit Medical Coatings division, including the world-renowned spool-to-spool coating technology and the all new Hypotube Manufacturing Center of Excellence, are being offered through the global Merit Medical OEM division.

This combined offering means expanded capabilities, a larger and growing global sales and support network and a greater ability to customize products for our OEM customers.