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There are hundreds of uses for medical tubing within the health industry, each with different requirements and customizations. As the OEM Division of Merit Medical we can provide services which allow customers to employ our off-the-shelf tubing sets, modify existing designs, or create custom tubing sets to meet specific project needs.

Customers often seek out Merit OEM’s assistance to improve the physical characteristics of tubing sets to meet specific needs such as flexibility, torque response, or kink resistance. Other modifications can include incorporating Merit’s molded component line of luers, stopcocks, or fluid management products to provide additional functionality and improved quality.

Customers begin by working with OEM Engineers to layout the required specifications for custom tubing set designs or aspiration sets. Following the customer’s established specifications, OEM Engineers assist in selecting Merit Medical products that can be incorporated within the design. From tubing to luers, manifolds to transducers, fluid spikes to drainage bags, or other fluid management systems. As part of the assembly process our product development team follow strict standards to ensure that custom inline testing is executed as instructed by the customer. Merit OEM can provide all the items needed in a customized set or kit, assembled, packaged, and delivered together, streamlining clinical set up time.

As an OEM division we are not limited to one specific application or use. Our team of Engineers and Business Managers utilize a wide range of materials and can create an endless number of designs to meet your project needs.

Merit Medical Tijuana is one of the main facilities manufacturing tubing sets and was specifically selected because of its lean manufacturing practices as a ”Shingo Prize Winner”. Merit Tijuana employs cost saving measures through cutting edge equipment and a skilled group of technicians. The facility in Tijuana specializes in manufacturing;

Lean Manufacturing Processes

Merit Medical has established a global presence with manufacturing facilities throughout the world. The Merit Medical facility in Tijuana, Mexico is currently one of our main facilities that cuts, assembles, tests, and packages medical tubing kits for physicians, clinics, and hospitals worldwide. When supplied with rolls of flexible polyurethane, clear PVC, or silicone tubing, the facility can cut and coil the tubing into specific lengths for assembly. A skilled team of production and assembly technicians skillfully bond component parts to the tubing, test for standard adherence, and package for delivery

Cut, Coil & Band Machine
Over-Molding Process

Over-Molding Technique

Merit Mexico uses a variety of bonding processes for various tubing materials. The facility has the ability to overmold connectors onto braided high pressure tubing that has been tested and rated for pressures ranging up to 1200psi. The over-molded parts create a permanent bond between the tubing line and the molded part which significantly reduces any chance for leakage.

Radio Frequency Bonding

Another unique bonding process at Merit Tijuana is bonding tubing to nylon materials through Radio Frequency.

Radio Frequency bonding is the process of bonding together materials through the use of electromagnetic energy. The movement of these molecules releases energy in the form of heat. When enough energy is applied, the molecules begin to melt and bond to one another. This bonding process is normally used to bond disposable waste bags.

Radio Frequency Machine
UV Bonding

UV Bonding

UV glue curing is a superior bonding method, although it is really a polymer, rather than a glue. This polymer is often in a silicon glue form, an epoxy, a polyurethane, or other polymers that will dry clear only when exposed to UV light. Whatever the polymer used, the glue will not harden until exposed to UV light. With UV polymer or glue curing, the bonding area is targeted, drying instantly only in the area meant to be bonded.

Solvent Bonding

Solvent bonding for the assembly of medical parts is an effective method of creating permanent connections. This method produces clean looking bonds with sufficient strength.

Because of its 30-plus years of experience, Merit Medical has mastered the use of UV curing and solvent bonding by understanding product design, material compatibilities, assembly methods, and through performance testing.

Solvent Bonding
Leak Test

Leak Testing

During line assembly, the product is tested to ensure it meets the customer’s quality standards and Merit’s established processes for quality assurance. Two types of testing are used at Merit Tijuana: an automated leak test, and an automated pull test.

Leak testing is when a medical device is pressurized, isolated from the pressure source, and monitored to see if the pressure decreases.

Pull Testing

Pull testing is measuring the force required to disassemble the tubing from the joint. The force must be sufficiently high enough to avoid failure and ensure an hermetic seal in the joint.

As the need for medical grade tubing and custom tubing sets grows, Merit Medical Tijuana is in prime position to achieve the market’s demand by delivering the highest grade tubing, quality testing, and on-time deliveries.

Pull Test

Tubing Specifications

Material Luer Connections Tubing Lengths I.D. Inches O.D. Inches Pressure Rating
High Pressure Tubing
HP5 PVC (Non-DEHP) Rotator/Female Luer;
Male/Female Luer
10″, 20″, 30″, 48″ 0.071″ 0.156″ 500 PSI
HP9 PVC (Non-DEHP) Rotator/Female Luer;
Male/Female Luer
10″, 20″, 30″, 48″ 0.071″ 0.188″ 900 PSI
HPC Nylon core with PU Jacket Rotator/Female Luer;
Male/Female Luer
10″, 20″, 30″, 39″, 48″, 59″ 0.071″ 0.142″ 1200 PSI
HPF PU with Nylon Braiding Rotator/Female Luer;
Male/Female Luer
10″, 20″, 30″, 48″, 72″ 0.071″ 0.142″ 1200 PSI
HPT PVC (Non-DEHP) Rotator/Female Luer;
Male/Female Luer
10″, 20″, 30″, 48″, 59″ 0.071″ 0.188″ 1200 PSI
Pressure Monitoring Tubing
PM60 PVC (Non-DEHP) Male/Male Luer 6″, 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″ 0.060″ 0.120″ Not Rated
PM61 PVC (Non-DEHP) Male/Female Luer 6″, 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″ 0.060″ 0.120″ Not Rated

Merit OEM’s wide range of molding capabilities and assortment of CE sterile & non-sterile bulk parts can assist with customizing your project to match your market needs. Areas Merit OEM supplies off-the-shelf tubing products include:

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