Dear Valued Business Partner,

As Merit further develops our COVID-19 response plan, I wanted to reach out to our OEM business partners with additional details and an update on Merit’s current operational status.


All of Merit’s global facilities remain open and fully operational. As always, Merit OEM remains committed to our mission of providing our OEM Partners with a continuous supply of Merit’s quality products and providing attentive customer service during these difficult times. Merit has implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan covering all of Merit’s global facilities. Merit’s efforts to protect our workforce and maintain critical business functions during this pandemic are proving to be successful. The average shift attendance for production workers is now higher than the average prior to COVID-19, meaning Merit’s workforce is intact and our manufacturing capacity remains open as we continue to meet our customer demand.


Merit is now requiring all personnel entering any of Merit’s global facilities to wear protective masks. This requirement will help employees keep themselves safe, protect their coworkers and keep Merit’s product safe all at the same time.

In addition to the previously covered precautions, Merit has installed new separation barriers in locations where social distancing protocols cannot be maintained. Some examples of these locations include cafeterias, hand washing stations, cleanroom assembly lines and cleanroom workstations. We believe these barriers will protect Merit’s workforce and help control potential exposure.


A critical part of Merit’s response plan is the routine communication of up-to-date and transparent information for both internal and external audiences. To help facilitate Merit’s external communication, we have created a new COVID-19 “News and Information” page on This web page will provide our OEM Partners with an easily accessible source of information covering all the precautions Merit is taking as part of Merit’s global response plan.

During this challenging situation, I recently shared the following message with the Global OEM Division, and I wanted to share this same message with you. Stay positive, have hope, be of good cheer and rest assured that we as an entire world will be victorious in our fight against COVID-19.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Be safe!

Best regards,

Michael Blackham

Executive Vice President, Global OEM