A Key Supplier for Custom Medical Grade Tubing Sets

There are hundreds of uses for medical tubing within the health industry, each with different requirements and customizations. As the OEM Division of Merit Medical we can provide services which allow customers to employ our off-the-shelf tubing sets, modify existing designs, or create custom tubing sets to meet specific project needs.

Customization Case Study: One-Way Stopcock on a Hemostasis Valve Adapter Assembly

The Merit Medical OEM Hemostasis Valve Adapter assembly comes standard with a three-way stopcock, as offered on our website and in our catalog. Recently, a customer requested that we replace the three-way stopcock with a one-way barbed stopcock as a custom order. We were able to successfully complete this custom project and provide this customer with options for colors for the stopcock handle and cap. Merit Medical OEM can customize most products featured on our website and in our catalog, saving customers the time and money involved in starting a new project from the ground with a contract manufacturer. In addition, products sold by Merit OEM are already proven in the field through direct sales by Merit Medical Systems. To learn about customization options, please contact us.

Enhancement to the Merit Advance Needle


Merit Medical is pleased to announce an improvement to our Advance® Needles, used to facilitate entry into tissue and vessel walls during interventional procedures. Advance Needle hubs have always featured a small bump to indicate the position of the needle bevel. Beginning in June 2014, the ergonomically designed hub on each Merit Advance Needle will now contain a printed arrow to visually indicate the position of the bevel. The addition of the arrow now gives doctors both a visual and tactile indicator to use to determine the position of the bevel.