Executive Bios

Michael Blackham

Executive VP Global OEM & Coatings

Michael Blackham joined Merit Medical in 2010 as the Vice President of Global Trade, tasked with creating an infrastructure aimed at corporate cost savings by negotiating long-term agreements with suppliers and vendors. As VP of Global trade, Blackham helped Merit realize a savings of more than $5 million in just two years. In 2013, Blackham was asked to head Merit Medical’s OEM business, a quickly growing and important division of Merit Medical that sells Merit components and devices to other medical manufacturers. One of his first initiatives as VP of Global OEM was to combine the OEM business with one of Merit’s smaller component businesses, Merit Coatings – a manufacturer and supplier of coated wires and tubes based in the Netherlands. From the time Blackham assumed responsibilities for the OEM and Coatings divisions, the combined business has grown 28% and accounts for 15% of Merit’s overall business. Prior to joining Merit, Blackham ran his own financial firm for over 15 years. Blackham speaks French and graduated from the University of Utah.