Merit COP Syringes Deliver Dermal Filler Solutions

After developing our COP (Cyclo Olefin Polymer) Syringe to deliver Embosphere® and Hepasphere® Microspheres, Merit OEM has found it also addresses challenges faced in other areas of medicine. Dermal Fillers, also known as “injectables” or “soft tissue fillers,” are used in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, enhance the lips, and contour facial lines. Companies that develop the chemical formulation for their Dermal Fillers invest millions in the research and marketing for their product and require a syringe capable of meeting their technical and aesthetic challenges. The Merit Medallion® COP Syringe is a leading candidate in these applications for three reasons: 1. Enhanced Moisture Barrier Versus other syringes on the market, the Merit COP Syringe protects against moisture loss from product loaded in the barrel. This allows the syringe to be pre-filled while maintaining a long shelf life.  2. Extremely Low in Leachable Compounds Good resistance to acids, bases, and alcohols combined with combined with a certification of purity 10 times higher than other syringes, the Merit Cyclo Olefin Polymer material is the leading technology achievement in delivering percutaneous and intravascular injectables. 3. Glass Like Clarity Cosmetic procedures are all about the looks and in this industry, the product has to look as good as it performs. Merit’s COP Syringe is as clear as glass and readily customizable to include your company’s logo and colors. Request your free sample on the Medallion COP Syringe Product Page. If you need to discuss a custom syringe project, Merit’s product development team is here to help. Schedule a virtual meeting and get your project started today.