New Coating Services and Components

Merit Medical OEM is very excited to introduce coated wire and tube components and coating services to our product offering. Earlier this year we announced that the Merit Medical Coatings division of Merit Medical Systems, Inc., is now a part of Merit OEM. And now, the PTFE and hydrophilic coating services for medical wires and coated components including coated guide wires, mandrels/stylets, and coated needles will be offered through the Merit OEM sales and customer service team. The combination of the two divisions also means an expansion of our sales and service support throughout the globe, with sales offices throughout the US, Europe, China and Japan. The Merit Medical coating process was developed nearly two decades ago and ensures coating consistency and tight tolerances on our coated guidewire components. PFOA-free PTFE and hydrophilic coatings are applied prior to cutting and further processing, to bulk lengths of wire. This process results in consistent coatings along the full length and from one discreet length to the next. In addition, we first clean the base material and then apply coatings in thin layers, allowing for superior adhesion. We use a proprietary curing process called the Optimized Heat Treatment (OHT) process that improves the adhesion of the topcoat and makes it more consistent and more resistant to mechanically challenging processing such as wire coiling and grinding. And finally, we perform adhesion tests on each spool of wire before we further process or send to the customer for further processing. With the Merit Medical coating process, base materials are fully covered with coating and thereafter formed into a medical device (component). For more information about the Merit OEM coating process and coated components visit the Coatings section of our website