Waste Management & Safety Products

Merit OEM has a complete line of products designed to promote the safety of clinicians and patients. From temporary sharps holders to smear-resistant labeling for syringes and closed containers, which help prevent hazardous spills and promotes disposal safety.

Fluid Management

Swab Transport Vial

Merit’s Cultura™ Swab Transport Vial was developed to streamline the process of collecting and transporting specimen samples for a variety of clinical and laboratory applications. Features include self-standing flat bottom conical tube to reduce the risk of biohazard spills and a capture-cap design that automatically grips swab as the vial is being sealed to reduce the risk of contamination when removing the swab. Cultura™ Swab Transport Vial is molded at Merit’s Global Headquarters in Utah, USA.

Contrast Transfer Sets

Merit Medical’s line of Contrast Transfer Sets are interchangeable for use with either contrast or saline solutions. The contrast transfer set features a wide base for insertion support when placing into the contrast bottle. Available with a large bore piercing spike and a large wing, swabbable valve. The saline transfer set has a longer, sharper spike tip for easier insertion into IV solution bags and a blue safety stripe for identification.


1 mL polypropylene Medallion syringe.

Neuraxial Components: ISO 80369-6

Neuraxial Components: Compliant with ISO 80369 – 6 Standard

VacLok AT™

Merit’s second generation vacuum locking syringe has over 90 locking positions for increased convenience and accuracy. The plunger design holds negative pressure with ease and and won’t inadvertently disengage. Smooth glass-like polycarbonate with bold graduations. Custom printing and colors available.

Neuraxial Components: ISO 83069-6

Neuraxial Components: Compliant with ISO 80369 – 6 Standard

Flow Control Switch with Rotator

Flow Control Switch with Extension Tubing