Needles with Smaller, Smoother Outer Diameters

With an advanced spool-to-spool continuous coating process that makes it possible to achieve uniquely thin, smooth, and consistent coatings, Merit needle components combine larger inside diameters for optimal flow rates with smaller, smoother outer diameters for less painful insertions. These components are available in a wide range of diameters and base materials, including stainless steel and Nitinol. We offer a complete range of coating options, including PTFE coatings that can provide electrical insulation for low voltage applications.

Features and Benefits

Benefits of the Coated Needles

  • Wide range of OD/ID
  • Smooth surface
  • Ultra-thin, well-defined coating
  • Extremely consistent diameter
  • Tight coating tolerance (2.5 µm – 5.0 µm)
  • Cost-effective coating process
  • Ability to apply coatings up to 20 µm per side for insulation purposes


In-House Finishes and Finishing Processes

  • Finishes: Tip grinding; laser ablation
  • Processes: Laser Cutting; Laser Ablation; Surface Roughening; Straightening; Cut-to-length; Cleaning; Passivation; Leak Test; Auto-inspection

Diameter Range

  • Tube: OD 0.30 mm – 0.90 mm (.012″ – .035″). Wall as thin as 0.05 mm (.002″)
  • Wire: 0.127 mm – 1.00 mm (.005″ – .039″)

Coating Options, Thicknesses and Colors 

  • PTFE LubriSkin, DuraSkin or ShieldSkin
  • 4 µm – 10 µm (.00016″ – .0004″) / side
  • Green, Blue, Black, Gray

Base Materials

  • Stainless Steel Tube (304 and 304L)
  • Stainless Steel Wire ( 304V)
  • Other materials on request

Delivery Options

  • Coated tube on spool
  • Straight and cut-to-length coated tube
  • Straight, cut-to-length coated tube, distal end shaped


  • Hypodermic needles used for i.e. neuro-stimulation
  • EMG Needles
  • Neuro-Probes
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