Smooth, Low Friction Mandrels and Stylets

Merit mandrels provide the consistent diameters, tight tolerances, and smooth, low friction surfaces you need to design and deliver catheter tube ID solutions with ideal characteristics and superior release properties. Merit mandrels are available in a variety of diameters and base materials, including stainless steel, Nitinol, and copper. Our unique continuous spool-to-spool precoating process makes it possible to apply PTFE coatings to Nitinol and other materials without compromising their elastic properties. We can deliver your coated mandrel wires in a variety of ways including on-spool, straightened, or cut to specific lengths. And we can apply a variety of final manufacturing and finishing processes, including laser ablation and laser-cut rounded and tapered ends.

Features and Benefits

Benefits of the Coated Mandrels and Stylets

  • Smooth surface
  • Ultra-thin well-defined coating
  • Extremely consistent diameter
  • Tight coating tolerance (2.5 µm – 5.0 µm)
  • End shaping (uncoated skive, taper section, bending, rounded ends)


In-House Finishes and Finishing Processes

  • Finishes: Rounded ends; Square cut ends; Taper; Bended end
  • Processes: Grinding; Laser Ablation; Cut-to-Length; Spool-to-Spool precoating;

Diameter Range

  • 0.127 mm – 1.00 mm (.005″ – .039″)
  • 0.254 mm – 1.40 mm (.01″ – .055″) for Copper

Coating Options, Thicknesses and Colors

  • PTFE LubriSkin,DuraSkin, HardSkin, ShieldSkin
  • 4 µm – 10 µm (.00016″ – .0004″) / side
  • Other coating thickness upon request

Base Materials

  • Stainless Steel Wire (304, 304V, 304LVM, SS302,       SS304V SLT®*)
  • Nitinol
  • Copper
  • Other materials upon request

Delivery Options

  • On spool
  • Straightened and cut to length
  • Straight on spool


  • Release and bonding mandrels
  • Coated extrusion mandrels
  • Neuro-probes
  • Neurological delivery stylets

* SS304V SLT® is a registered trademark of Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp. All rights reserved.

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