Smoother, More Consistent Coiled and Core Wire

Merit Guide Wire components are smoother, more consistent, and offer tight tolerances because we use a continuous spool-to-spool process to coat bulk quantities of wire before they are cut, coiled, or further processed. Merit Coated Guide Wire components are available for coated core, coiling, and coiled wire in a variety of diameters and base materials, including round or flat stainless steel and Nitinol. We offer a complete range of different coating options, including PFOA-free PTFE and hydrophilic coatings. And we can deliver your guide wire components in whatever form you choose, whether it’s spooled, straightened, cut to a specific length, or coiled.

Features and Benefits

Benefits of Merit’s Guide Wire Components

  • Continuous precoating process for coiled wire prevents cracking and flaking typical of spray coated coiled wire, and ensures consistent diameters and tight tolerances
  • PTFE or Hydrophilic coating results in a one-to-one torque
  • Additional oils are not needed during coiling process with our LubriSkin coating, which acts like lubricant
  • Recently upgraded coiling technology for higher-quality coiling services
  • Superior in-house manufacturing services available for core wire including single taper; double taper; flattening; grinding; rounded ends; laser ablation
  • Bulk precoating process ensures that guide wire components are consistently coated from one to the next


In-House Finishes and Finishing Processes for Core Wire and Coiled/coiling wire

  • Coil Finishes: OD/ID coil; pitch; length
  • Core Wire Finishes: Single taper; multiple taper; length; uncoated
  • Processes: Laser cutting; laser ablation; coiling; straightening; precoating; cut-to-length; grinding; flattening; round ends; cleaning; packaging

Wire Diameter Range

  • Round – 0.038 mm – 1.00 mm (.0015″ – .0400″)
  • Flat – Available Upon Request

Coating Options, Thicknesses and Colors

  • PTFE LubriSkin and DuraSkin
  • Hydrophilic SlipSkin
  • (For wire diameter ≤ 0.254mm) – 2µm – 7µm (.00008″-.0003″) per side
  • (For wire diameter ≥ 0.254mm) 4 µm – 10 µm (0.00016″ – 0.0004″) / side (other thickness upon request)
  • Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Clear

Base Materials

  • Stainless Steel Round Wire (304 or 304V)
  • Stainless Steel Flat Wire SS304V
  • 35N LT®*
  • SS304V SLT®*
  • Pt/lr
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Nitinol
  • Other materials upon request

Delivery Options

  • Prestraightened/not straightened and coated on spools (DIN standards available)
  • Straightened (dead-straight) and cut-to-length
  • Coiled
  • Custom tapered profile


  • Cardiovascular Diagnostic / Interventional Guide Wires
  • Neurovascular Interventional Guide Wires
  • Peripheral vascular guide wires
  • Endoscopy coils

* – 35N LT® and SS304V SLT® are registered trademarks of Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp. All rights reserved.

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