Merit Advance® Needles

Sharp Needles for Easy Access

During percutaneous access procedures, it’s critical that practitioners utilize quality tools to help overcome any clinical challenges. Merit Medical OEM’s innovative percutaneous access products are supported and well known by practitioners in the medical field. Our products are designed and tested to help effortlessly gain access into patients.

According to RN Steph Olsen, the importance of needle sharpness is key in the medical industry. Steph worked in a cardiac catheter lab for 19 years and spent more than half of that time in scrubs. When dealing with needles, there are several different aspects that can make or break a needle during percutaneous access. The needle should be the perfect balance of being sharp but not so sharp to the point where you could potentially cause unintentional trauma to patients. Therefore, Steph states that it’s important to have a needle that will go into the tissue very easily without getting stuck. Some of the most common problems with percutaneous access include:

  • Not being able to find a vein
  • The catheter won’t advance
  • A hematoma or bruise forms at the site of cannulation
  • The vein is very mobile
  • Potentially hitting a valve

Thus, having a needle that is sharp enough, angled enough, the right length, and the right diameter (depending on the procedure) are all key factors for quality needles, in the medical industry. Accordingly, Merit Medical OEM’s Advance® Needles significantly help clinicians overcome the challenges of bad needles.

Merit Advance needle tip

Merit Advance® Needles are designed to enter tissue and vessel walls with less force, providing an easier start to any medical procedure for both the patient and physician. Testing by Merit’s R&D department concluded that the Advance® Needles are 47% sharper than our closest competitor and offer 46% less drag. Merit’s needles also offer several different features and benefits including:

  • Superior sharpness that helps facilitate a smooth entry into tissue and vessel walls
  • The proprietary coated cannula, which helps to reduce needle drag
  • The echo enhanced tip (optional), which provides enhanced visibility during imaging
  • The unique bevel grind angle, which helps to reduce insertion force

Merit also offers needle customization including:

  • Cannula length
  • Hub colors
  • Bevel configuration
  • Bulk non-sterile
  • Sterile/private labeled

Overall, Merit Medical OEM needles provide a low incretion force trough superior sharpness, facilitates minimal drag with the coated cannula, and gives clinicians an all-around great feel through the user’s experience. At Merit Medical OEM, we’ve challenged ourselves to make the best needles in the world, and we think you’ll like the results.