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Diagnostic and therapeutic options. Customizable accessories with value-added features.

Catheters & Extrusions

Coating services and further processing for medical tubes and wires.

Coatings & Coated Components

Designed to meet your unique requirements for fluid, contrast, pressure, and waste management. Accurate assembly. Reliable inventory.

Custom Kits & Trays

Pre-coated before coiling to resist flaking and high quality welded tips. Available with and without heparin coating.

Guide Wires & Accessories

ISO-certified manufacturing of custom molded parts & components. Proprietary technology and expertise in plastic injection and insert molding technologies.

Molded Parts & Components

Innovative percutaneous access products designed for excellent transitions and smooth insertion to ensure quick and effective access. Kit and convenient holster options.

Percutaneous Access

Unique solutions for fluid waste and sharps disposal, fixation, and snares for object retrieval. Transducers and pressure infusor bags for effective pressure management.

Specialty Devices

Quality products to support any surgical procedure. Accessories and instruments in wide variety of sizes, capacities, and styles.

Surgical Products

Leading manufacturer of polycarbonate syringes available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and custom configurations.


Multiple tubing configurations made with highly flexible polyurethane or clear PVC for effective fluid management. Several custom options available including DEHP-free.


Customizable valves of silicone and polycarbonate or copolyester designed to optimize control and minimize fluid leakage.