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Customizable valves of silicone and polycarbonate or copolyester designed to optimize control and minimize fluid leakage.

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High performance polycarbonate with silicone valves. 200 and 500 psi. Custom ports and configurations.

Check Relief Valves

Designed with two large-bore hemostasis ports to minimize blood loss and optimize control during interventional and diagnostic procedure.


Cap stop mechanism to prevent separation, accepts wide range of devices, push-pull or twist, proprietary leak-proof seal.

Hemostasis Valve Adapters

Merit Medical's hemostasis valves and Y-adapters are used to seal off and minimize fluid loss during interventional and diagnostic procedures.

Hemostasis Valves

Merit's High Pressure Flow Control Switch can be used with any application that involves liquid flow and requires inline shut off capability.

High Pressure Flow Control Switch

Proprietary silicone valve provides a leak proof, swabbable seal. DEHP- and latex-free. Polycarbonate and copolyester materials for easy bonding

Luer Activated Valves

Polycarbonate body and acetal handles. Easy-to-grip shark fin shape requires less force to turn. Wide variety of colors and handle configurations. On/Off options


Maintains fluid-tight seal around percutaneous transluminal angioplasty catheters and guide wires. Accommodates devices up to 7.5 French

Passage Slip Fit

Merit's Marquis® Series Stopcocks provide leak proof assurance during dynamic applications - ideal for high pressure situations whether using saline or contrast.


Merit offers a variety of stopcocks with tubing extensions to meet various project needs

Stopcocks with Extension Tubing

Merit Medical's FLO 30™ Tuohy Borst is a single-use, proprietary valved adapter which provides a leak-proof seal during interventional and diagnostic procedures.

Tuohy Borst