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Leading manufacturer of polycarbonate syringes available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and custom configurations.

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Cyclo Olefin Polymer 20 mL syringes. High moisture barrier, chemical and heat resistant. ABS plunger or PC plunger. Custom barrel printing and color plunger options.


Designed for easy operation and decreased resistance. Gamma or EtO. Ring or palm pad plunger. Smart tip option.

Coronary Control

30 atm/bar. High resolution digital or analog gauge. PC barrel, ABS plunger. Custom graphics, colors, and lengths.

Inflation Devices

Fixed male, slip Luer, sword handle options. ABS or PC plunger. Silicone plunger tip. EtO and gamma sterilization available. Custom wings, logo, markings, and colors.


COP handle with a smooth-as-glass feel. Customizable wings in standard and sword handle-larger for easier grip and increased stability

Medallion Handles

ABS or polycarbonate plunger with silicone tip material and a variety of color options

Medallion Plungers

1 mL polypropylene Medallion syringe.


Unique compact flushing syringe designed to easily flush the wire lumen of rapid exchange balloons. Clear polycarbonate barrel, 4 mL.

Rapid Exchange (RXP)

Patented vacuum locking syringe. Multiple locking positions. PC barrel, ABS plunger. Silicone plunger tip. Large wings. Custom printing, colors.


Open ended barrel. Reinforced wings and thumb ring. Accepts a variety of tip options. ABS plunger, PC barrel. Custom printing and colored plunger options.


A variety of tip options: fixed and removable male, female, open bore, and dead end cap in clear or gamma

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